About Us

Professionally Qualified accountants and Experienced advisers based in Dubai.

Our Experience

Our highly skilled and well-trained advisers guide you through your fiscal obligations in the Gulf. We are your personal pragmatic partner in all of your ventures. Our international tax experience in policy and implementation is exactly what you need for the changes lying ahead.

Our Approach

We exist to guide businesses and governments through assessing the impact of new VAT legislation and provide strategic tax advice to address any issues, seize possible opportunities. Together we determine your tax strategy and processes to ensure compliance and keep your financial edge. This may entail important changes to your corporate strategies and structure, such as merging, de-merging or divesting some of your assets. In order to determine the impact we need to not only analyze your income but also all of your purchases and expenditure.

Ashford Management Consultants
Ashford Management Consultants

Why Us?

Our experts assists in tax controversies with the tax administration. We guide you through initial stages of securing tax treatment through agreements with the tax authorities, through administrative controversies after an audit, and finally before the courts through our partnership with renowned law firms.

Traditionally, businesses in the Gulf have had some experience with corporate income tax, especially with respect to their foreign investments. Our experts guide you through questions around tax residency, analyzing how double income tax treaties apply to your structure and transfer pricing requirements.

The experts of Ashford Management Consultants are also available for short term projects to assist clients more closely with particular tax transformation projects.